The mechanical workshop produces subcontracted mechanical parts of all types:

  • Unit parts
  • Prototypes
  • Small and medium series

Machined materials (ferrous and non-ferrous):

  • Steels
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Plastics

These mechanical parts, tools and wear parts find their application today in these areas:

  • Agri-food
  • Analysis devices
  • Industrial machines
  • Sawmill
  • Electric

Assets for a real partnership

Geographic and relational proximity

Respect of deadlines and ability to release parts quickly if necessary

Technical support and advice tailored to your projects

Flexibility and adaptation

The team

The workshop manager has been involved in the management of this workshop and its production for twenty years.
The integration of young apprentices or work-study students is a common approach for the company.
Knowledge of the tools, the parts produced and the customers is therefore ensured in all the details requiring optimum quality production.

The workshop manager has been one of the main players for 15 years in the field of research and development of the mechanical elements constituting the analysis devices produced by ROFA France.
This activity is an essential element for the innovation of analysis devices.

Equipment fleet

  • 3-axis numerically controlled milling machine « lieder 720 »
  • 2-axis numerically controlled lathe « Astrhal 25/60S »
  • Traditional milling machine « Vernier »
  • Traditional lathe « Colchester »
  • Surface grinder « Jung »
  • Traditional lathe « Runmaster »
  • Cylindrical grinder « Cincinnati »
  • Sliding calipers
  • Micrometer
  • Rings
  • Accredited gauge blocks
  • CAM software : GibbsCAM